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If your club needs any help or assistance then please get in touch with the League's Club Liaison Officer Mark Anthony Smith. He is available to support member clubs and provide assistance with any aspect of running a club.


Mark is also the Club Secretary of CSM London FC so he has a wealth of experience running a Sunday football club and especially the administrative side that is involved in setting up a club and keeping it running through the season. As well as dealing with any league matters or issues that your club may want to air.




Tel: 07545 951 937

E-mail: [email protected] 

Club Liaison Officer

C L U B  L I A I S O N  O F F I C E R

D O  Y O U  N E E D  A N Y  H E L P ?

Have any questions or issues?

  • New clubs applying to join the league

  • New and existing clubs with the County FA Affiliation application process

  • New and existing clubs with Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance

  • Explanation of any league rules or any financial questions / requirements

  • Deadline dates for applications / payments with the league and London FA

  • Relay information to clubs from the league

  • Relay any issues from clubs to the league

  • Player discipline hearings

  • Club hearings with the league

  • The Whole Game System

Mark Smith

If you need help with...

  • Clubs who are struggling to fulfil their league requirements

  • Gathering feedback (formally and informally) from club officials, identify key issues and opportunities and communicate these to the League Committee

  • Communicating key information to clubs through a variety of media, but including face-to-face meetings

  • Developing a comprehensive understanding of all relevant matters affecting the league and member clubs.

  • Improving relationships with the league and clubs

  • Seeking out ‘best practices’, ‘benchmark’ clubs and other opportunities to engage, to promote dialogue and to improve club understanding and sentiment

  • Any other club problems or questions you may have


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