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Pick Up Your Litter After Games - It Might Start to Cost You Money Soon

By Hackney & Leyton Sunday Football League, Sep 3 2019 08:09PM

Can ALL clubs please read the recent letter from Hackney Marshes regarding litter for the 2019/20 season.

Dear Hackney and Leyton

On 26 June 2019 Hackney Council declared a Climate Emergency, and as such GLL and Hackney Council are fully committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations at Hackney Marshes.

We will do this in the following ways:

1. Significantly reducing the amount of litter left on the Marsh after football games and improving recycling rates;

2. Reducing the use of single use plastics by the catering operators; and

3. Reducing carbon emissions associated with the sites operation.

As we approach the start of the new football season, I am writing to you to help us implement these changes by:

1. Taking individual responsibility and not allowing any litter of any kind to be left on your pitch after you have finished a game;

2. Either providing or encouraging your players to use refillable water / drinks bottles (that can be filled at the changing pavilions) instead of singe use plastic bottles; and

3. Encouraging and promoting the use of public transport and car sharing to your players as a means of getting to the Marshes for matches - this will reduce pressure on car parking at the Marshes, but more importantly reduce carbon emissions.

The amount of litter being left on the Marshes after football games is simply unacceptable and not something that GLL or Hackney Council will tolerate any longer. As such, we are giving the leagues and teams one last opportunity to address the problem themselves - you are creating the litter and we do not believe it is a great deal to ask that you take responsibility for collecting it and making sure your pitch is clear after games (GLL will provide will provide each team with bin bags on arrival at the site, one for items to be recycled and one for general rubbish).

We will review the situation from September - December 2019, and if matters haven't improved significantly then we will have no choice but to implement changes to your booking conditions, which will require a deposit being taken prior to your bookings being approved from January 2020 and retained to pay for cleansing staff if litter is left on your pitch after games.

This issue is entirely in the leagues, teams and players hands to address, and we hope you will act positively and constructively to address it as a matter or urgency so that we do not have to implement further measures from January 2020. This letter should be viewed as a final warning from GLL and the Council regarding the unacceptable behaviour that has been taking place on the Marshes over recent years and we have asked you to address collectively on countless occasions.

We do hope you will support us in ensuring Hackney Marshes remains not only the top football facility in London, but also one of its most sustainable moving forward.

Yours sincerely

Ashley Bickers

General Manager

Hackney Marshes


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