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I’m delighted to have been asked to say a few words on the new Hackney & Leyton league website. At London FA we are indebted to the many volunteers and committee members who have kept this great league running successfully for such a long time (since 1947 no less) and I would like to place on record how appreciative we are for their contribution to grassroots football in London.


The 2018-19 season was one of great change at the London FA, not just from a leadership perspective with the introduction of myself as CEO and a new Chair in James Middlehurst, but also through the significant governance reforms approved by our members at an Extraordinary General Meeting in January 2019. We are very grateful to all those members who supported us to agree a package of reforms that not only ensures that the LFA continues to adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance but will also connect us more closely to the grassroots game.


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Message from London FA CEO - Paul Bickerton


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2019-20 Grassroots Football Survery Open

Have your say on the state of the game locally by providing valuable feedback to the LFA. Feedback that also the FA will be able to consider and respond.


Posted: 8th October 2019 (external website)

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London FA Strategy 2019-2024

At the heart of this strategy is the need for the LFA to adapt to changing societal and economic changes in our wider society, changes that are affecting how people spend their leisure time.


Posted: 25th November 2019 (PDF Download)

Paul Bickerton  - CEO LFA

With these firm foundations in place we have now been turning our attention to the future direction of the organisation, and in the new year will be publishing a new five-year strategy up to 2024. At the heart of this strategy will be a vision to harness the power of grassroots football to enrich more people’s lives in London. This represents a significant change for the organisation, from an administrative body that governs and regulates to one that promotes, develops and recognises more widely the positive impact that grassroots football and our great network of clubs and leagues has on this capital city and its local communities. In developing this strategy we have been consulting very closely with our members, to make sure that the views of those people who live and breathe football every day is reflected in the work we do in the future. I would like to thank each one of you who took the time to provide us with feedback, in particular through the consultation sessions that we ran in July, and I am confident that the new strategy will reflect the excellent input from our members.


One group that has been particularly important in the development of our future work is the London FA Council. The role of the Council is to act as a consultative and advisory body for the staff and the Board of the Association, and I am delighted that we have built such a positive relationship with your Vice Chairman Jermaine Wright, who is also one of our Council members. Jermaine’s input has been key to ensuring that the needs of local clubs and leagues are at the forefront of our plans.


Once again, I want to wish you all a very enjoyable, exciting and fulfilling season.