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box_bottom Match Day For Referees

What our referees should do on match day

Match Day For Referees

M A T C H  D A Y  F O R  R E F E R E E S

W H A T  H A P P E N S  O N  A  S U N D A Y

Checklist for referees

Become A Referee In The Hackney & Leyton Sunday Fo






Hackney & Leyton Football League Refereee

Follow the referee on match day


Referees are paid their full match fee before the kick-off of any game by the home club secretary, who will then receive £20 from the away club secretary after the game.

Respect (Red) Shaking Hands (Red)

Match Cards for referees

  • Turn up one hour before kick-off (no later than 30 mins before).

  • Bring all required items in order for you to referee (whistles, cards, watch, pens, coin etc.

  • Sign the 'referees register' at the Hackney and Leyton Officials table

  • Go to the designated Officials Room (No. 5) to change and interact with other referees from the league

  • Receive your full match fee (£40) (£50 for double headers) from the home club secretary before you go to the pitch in Officials Room 5 (if your game is on The South Marsh). If you are officiating at The North Marsh this will be done by the pitch-side before the game

  • Go to the pitch at least 15 minutes before kick-off

  • Check pitch, goal nets, flags etc. (home club provide two match balls)

  • Pre-match briefings to teams if you feel comfortable doing so, including team captains and/or managers

  • Teams to give substitutes list before kick-off, no player can play if not declared

  • All games must start within 15 minutes of the stipulated kick-off time, which is usually 10:30am in our league

  • Officiate your game to the best of your abilities - remember that a key part of being a referee is being able to keep up with play.

  • Ensure you always have a league handbook with you in case of any problems

  • After your match complete your referee match card (see below for an example card) and hand to The League Officials table as well report any issues you may have had

  • Ensure all misconduct is reported to the London FA

  • Feel free to socialise in the bar upstairs after the game, but no obligation to do so

We followed referee TBC on a match day to see what it is like for a referee in our league. This is an example video until we add our own footage.

Please make sure you fully complete your referee match card and hand after your match to the League Officials at the Hackney & Leyton table. Some parts of the card can be filled out before kick-off to help you.

A selection of match day images throughout the 2019/20 season of our referees in action at The Marshes. click to enlarge.

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