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Every match throughout the season your Club Secretary will mark the Referee's performance. You will need to complete the 'Referee Marks' section on the Team Sheet after each game in our league. Remember, referee's will also be marking your team for sportsmanship.


The marks for the referee of your game that you will need to submit are as per follows;

Referee Marking Guide

R E F E R E E  M A R K I N G  G U I D E

G R A D E  Y O U R  R E F E R E E  A F T E R  T H E  M A T C H

How to mark your referee?

A maximum score in all of the above categories will mean that a referee will score 100 points. If however your total score amounts to less than 50 points then you will need to comment on how you arrived at that score. This will entail you sending an email to the league. The purpose of this is to assist Referees to improve their performance levels, so the comments should be as helpful as possible.


We use the marking system to obtain valuable feedback for our referees and work with clubs to improve the performance of our officials where we spot patterns in markings e.g. regular low marks from different teams


The mark awarded by a Club must be based on the Referee's overall performance. It is most important that the mark is awarded fairly and not based upon isolated incidents or previous games.


While some Referees may have below average performances, there will usually have been some positive aspects of their performance, so extremely low marks should be very rare.


When Club officials are marking a Referee, they should always look at the game as a whole and not isolated decisions. The result of the match should not influence the mark and disciplinary action should be judged objectively. Give yourself some time to compile your marking. Remain unbiased as much as possible.

At the end of the season the referee averaging the highest marks from Club Secretary markings will be the winner of the Evan's and O'Reilly Trophy.


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Andy O'Reilly being rewarded for 45 years of being a referee. A truly remarkable feat that did not go unnoticed by our league.

Our Referee of the Year Award is also jointly named after Andy.

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Sportsmanship Trophy

Referees will also mark your team for the sportsmanship you displayed throughout the game. At the end of the season the Club averaging the highest marks will be the winner of The Peter Storey Sportsmanship Trophy (Divisional & Overall Trophies).


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