Team Conduct

It is the responsibility of your Club to conduct itself before, during and after matches while at The Hackney Marshes Centre. This means treating all match officials, league officials and staff members of the HMC with respect and courtesy. We as a league are here to make your experience and enjoyment on Sundays the best it can be, for our love and passion of the game and especially so, the league.

As managers and secretaries it is your responsibility to make sure your club is best represented on and off the pitch. Speaking to your players, dealing with any issues before, during and after matches is imperative. We can not patrol every match on The Hackney Marshes. To make our league run as smoothly as it does we also need your help as clubs to control your players, staff and supporters.

Please also try your best to make sure you leave the pitch as you found it. While we do have wonderful ground staff at the Marshes you can help us all by making sure you bring a bag to dispose of all your rubbish by the pitch. These little things do really help.

We do not tolerate physical abuse or discrimination of ANY kind to Clubs, Players, Match Officials, League Officials, HMC Staff and members of the public. The League and London FA will move quickly to take the strictest sanctions possible against any offending clubs and/or players.

Player Conduct

This page outlines some of the general information concerning yellow and red cards. For an extensive breakdown of LFA discipline procedures and a list of helpful resources please visit the LFA Discipline page on their website Please remember that the financial penalties and suspension criteria if you are booked or sent off during a match is sanctioned and governed by the London FA (via the Whole Game System) and not our league.

Yellow Cards

£10 or £15 for every 4 up until 20 yellows when it’s a misconduct charge. Additional £10 admin fee. Clubs needs to acknowledge the yellow cards, make sure the players details are correct and then pay via the Whole Game System.

If you accumulate 5 (?) yellow cards you will receive an automatic 2 (?) game suspension from the London FA.

Please note that coaches, managers on the sideline can also be shown yellow cards.

Red Cards

The fine and suspension will depend on the nature of the red card (usually between 1-3 matches). There is an admin fee of £15 plus a fine of between £20-£40.

A red card for spitting is an automatic 6 match suspension. Details of the suspension and cost will be via the Whole Game System and/or the notification letter. Suspensions for Red Cards come into effect on the 7th day after the red card.

Please note that coaches, managers on the sideline can also be shown red cards

Appealing a decision

There is no right to appeal for yellow cards.

You can appeal red cards on wrongful dismissal and mistaken identity. The burden of proof is that they must prove the referee has made a clear and obvious error at the time the decision was made

For red cards, the club MUST contact by 5pm two business days after the card was issued (NOT received) to say they wish to appeal.


All payments for discipline is facilitated via The London FA and The Whole Game System

Your club (not the player) is responsible to pay these fines to the London FA. You may have a system in place to charge your player a certain proportion of the fee but please be very aware that in the eyes of the London FA it is the duty of “the club” to pay these fines. This would usually be completed via the Club Secretary.

Failure to do so in the correct time period will result in sanctions against your club which may include suspension of playing matches.

Need help?

If any club has any issues regarding suspensions, yellow cards, red cards or difficulty paying fines contact the LFA discipline team. They are very helpful with any questions, errors or help with payment times and difficulties.