The Dickie Davies Cup Draw - 2019/20


Who was Dickie Davies?

Our most prestigious cup was named after the late Dickie Davies (left), one of our former registration secretaries. Dickie was the husband of our present Hon. President and former registration secretary Nell Davies.

Both Nell and Dickie have given many years of loyal service to the League.

The cup dates back to 1981 when at the time every member club contributed to a fund to buy this solid silver cup. It was decided that all the league’s teams would compete for this, our equivalent to the FA Cup.

Round One

MATCH Venue Result Other
East London Vs H & L All Stars NM 1-5
Maynell Vs North East Lions SM 1-1 1-2et
Quays Athletic Vs Fish Island SM 2-0
Red Star Homerton Vs Milfields FC SM 4-1
Football Club 22 Vs CP Rangers SM 4-1
Quinine Vs Bbow Bbadgers SM 1-2
MATCH Venue Result Other
Athletico DFZ Vs Gladstone Wanderers SM 6-2
Caledonian Park Vs Gorillas FC SM 8-1
The Wenlock Vs South London Sharks SM 5-1
Bright Stars Youth Vs Wojak Sunday SM 0-8
The Gun Vs Bow Badgers SM 4-3
Mabley Mavericks Vs Birkbeck Orient SM 5-1

Round Two

MATCH Venue Result Other
The Wenlock Vs Quays Athletic SM 2-3
Wojak Sunday Vs Athletico DFZ SM 3-1
Mabley Mavericks Vs North East Lions SM 1-4
Dame Alice Athletic Vs Acorn SM 1-1 3-1 p
Regents Park Rovers Vs FC BKT w/o away
Red Star Homerton Vs Waltham Forest w/o home
MATCH Venue Result Other
The Gun Vs Caledonian Park NM 1-5
H & L All Stars Vs Bbow Bbadgers NM 4-1
Azteca Vs Bocca Albion SM 2-1
City East Vs International w/o home
Boundary Estate Vs Football Club 22 NM 1-1 2-4et

Round Three

MATCH Venue Result Other
CSM London Vs Middlesbrough Sup SM 1-3
Power Red Vs Sporting Club Mundial SM 0-6
TRKRZ Vs BG Club SM 3-0
Wojak Sunday Vs Stoke Newington SM 4-2
North East Lions Vs City East NM 2-5
Red Star Homerton Vs Bromley By Bow SM 2-9
Hackney Downs Vs Azteca SM 1-2
FC Niva Vs Baddoo FC SM 0-1
MATCH Venue Result Other
Boston Celtics Vs Barking Tigers
Tottenham Phoenix Vs Dame Alice Athletic SM 5-4
Quays Athletic Vs NW London Reserves SM 17-0
Boca D’Est Vs Mile End Baiteze Squad
H & L All Stars Vs FC BKT NM 2-3
London United Sports Vs FC Bartlett SM w/o away
Football Club 22 Vs Caledonian Park NM 1-4
(Bye) Vs Lifa FC

Round Four

MATCH Venue Result Other
City East Vs Caledonian Park SM
Wojak Sunday Vs Tottenham Phoenix SM
Bromley By Bow Vs Baddoo FC SM
FC Bartlett Vs Lifa FC SM
MATCH Venue Result Other
Mile End Baiteze Squad Vs Quays Athletic SM
Sporting Club De Mundial Vs Boston Celtics SM
Azteca Vs TRKRZ SM
FC BKT Vs Middlesbrough Sup South SM

RoundRound - Quarter-Finals