The Jack Morgan Cup Draw - 2019/20


Who was Jack Morgan?

Jack Morgan (left) has had a cup named in his honour as long as can be remembered.

The Jack Morgan Cup has just been associated and accepted as part of the league’s history without any of the present membership really knowing the facts.

What we do know is that Jack was a former General Secretary and obviously a well loved one because he has received the accolade of having a cup named after him and that is not done lightly.

Round - Preliminary

MATCH Venue Result Other
Football Club 22 Vs The Wenlock 0-3
MATCH Venue Result Other

Round One

MATCH Venue Result Other
City East Vs North East Lions NM 1-1 2-4p
Caledonian Park Vs South London Sharks SM 6-2
The Wenlock Vs Bbow Bbadgers SM 4-1
Gorillas FC Vs Gladstone Wanderers TBA
Maynell Vs Quinine NM 0-4
Waltham Forest Utd Vs Dame Alice Athletic w/o away
Acorn Vs Fish Island SM 2-2 2-4p
MATCH Venue Result Other
Boundary Estate Vs Quays Athletic NM 6-0
East London Vs H & L All Stars TBA
Wojak Sunday Vs CP Rangers SM 4-1


Mabley Mavericks, Bright Stars Youth, Milfields FC, FC BKT,
Regents Park Rovers, Bow Badgers

Round Two