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H O W C A N Y O U R T E A M J O I N O U R L E A G U E ?

What your team needs to do

So you have created your club and managed to find a bunch of players that want to test their skills in a competitive league.

Ready to join our league? Below is a guide to help join The Hackney & Leyton Sunday Football League, the home of grassroots football at the iconic Hackney Marshes. If you have any questions please address them to the named League Officers in the Application Process section (2).

Affiliation & Insurance

At the start of each season, ALL clubs playing in FA sanctioned leagues and competitions must affiliate to their local County Football Association. Before you can play any football in our league, you need to be an affiliated club.  You can register with any county FA but are usually expected to affiliate with the London FA. Affiliation needs to be completed before you can play any matches. If you affiliate by the end of 31st July you will get the early-bird discount price £50, doubled to £100 after the 31st).


All applications for affiliation are processed online by the Club Secretary through The FA’s Whole Game System portal at using the Club Secretary’s individual FAN number and password.

 London FA also requires all clubs to have Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance cover in place. Both insurances can be purchased through the affiliation process at a great price.

Last season the County FA affiliation fee, with the minimum mandatory player insurance was £40.

Application Process

We do not have a paper application process that you need to complete. What you will need to do is get in touch with us; either by telephone, email or in person. Please contact either Ted Gore, David Joseph or Mark Anthony Smith. We will then arrange for an interview with your team’s management and the League Committee where we will discuss your team, previous leagues, club history, ability, obligations to the league and answer any questions you may have. We accept applications up to the 31st of August.  

Every Tuesday at 8pm – The Mildmay Club – 33-34 Newington Green, Stoke Newington, North London N16 9PR

Every Sunday from 9am – 1pm – Hackney Marshes Centre – Homerton High Road, Hackney, East London E9 5PF

Registering Players & The FA Whole Game System

Clubs receive 20 player registration forms with every extra form costing £2. Currently this is still being completed on paper forms (2019/20 season) with the transition to The Whole Game System online player registration system occurring in the 2020/21 season.

Useful information and guides detailing what The Whole Game System is and how to register players via the Resources For Clubs Page.

Financial Costs & Dates

Joining Fee

£130 League Fee (teams can apply by the 31st of August)


Goodwill Fee (new teams only)

£120. Returned if any team (regardless of how long they’ve been in the league) decides to leave the league (any outstanding monies owed will be deducted from that goodwill should debts be owed).



£128 pitch permits are made up of 2 x £64 pitch fees. These are paid on a monthly basis and are to be paid in advance (e.g. pay in August for September’s permits). You will be charged 2 pitch permits every month regardless if you have been allocated as the home team on more than / less than two times in that month. Away team on the day will give the home team secretary £32 (half of the pitch fee).


£40 per game – home club pay referee before kick-off and receives half the fee (£20) from the away team secretary.

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