Club Secretary Guide

What is a Club Secretary?

The ‘Club Secretary’ is the person that is responsible for the running of your team and any dealings with The League and the London FA. Even though your manager and secretary may be different people at your club, we as a league refer to your main club official as a “Secretary” and only deal with the named person when it comes to any league matters.

The Club Secretary is responsible for:

1. Completion of County Football Association Forms, League Forms and Correspondence.
2. Paying any administration charges that are imposed by the County Football Association when players are cautioned. Remember that the London FA will request money from the Club and not the player.
3. Paying pitch fees to the Hackney & Leyton Sunday Football League
4. Paying the referee on match days (home team)
5. Completing the official Team Sheet & Referee Marks (see below)
6. Attendance at League Meetings throughout the season

How to be a good club secretary?

The best advice for club secretaries is to be organised! Keeping records of your players, your finances, league responsibilities, deadlines for applications and forms will help you enormously.

Making sure you keep a good record with the league

One of the most important aspects of being a club secretary is to manage the finances of your club effectively and pay in advance.

You should know before you start the season that pitches and referees will be the biggest cost your club will incur during the season and you will have to make allowances for this outlay.

Pitches cost £64 a game (split 50/50 with the opposition – away team to give home team £32 after the game). Referees are paid £40 before kick-off (split 50/50 with opposition – away team to give home team £20 after the game). Every game you play is going to cost you £52 in terms of match fees. If your division has 11 teams you already know that is 20 league games. Add onto that cup competitions (esp. if you progress through the rounds) and you find it adds up.

As an example guide:

20 League Games x £52 = £1040

3 Cup Games x £52 – £156

Total £1196

Remember you will be billed every month for two pitch permits. These are paid on a monthly basis and are to be paid in advance (e.g. pay in August for September’s permits). You will be billed 2 permits every month regardless how many home games you play during the month.

Checklist Guide


Make sure your club’s overall finances are in order

Club bank account

Keep upto date with match costs (referees / pitches permits)

Decide what to charge players for 90mins / sub appearances

Is there going to be a yearly fee for players

Sponsorship / fundraising

Training / kits / two nets / four corner flags / balls

Match Days

Home Team Secretary

Pay the referee £40 before kick-off

Bring four corner flags

Bring two nets and fix to both goals

Clear any of bottles / oranges etc. by the pitch

Complete team sheet including goalscorers

Give referees mark

Hand team sheet to League Official

Before the season starts

London FA Affiliation

Register your players

Public Liability Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Renew H & L application form




Away Team Secretary

Pay £52 to home team (£32 half pitch fee + £20 half referee fee)

Complete team sheet including goalscorers

Give referees mark

Clear any of bottles / oranges etc. by the pitch

Hand team sheet to League Official


Telephone or text opposition Secretary to confirm fixture and to make sure there is no clash of kit colours

Fines Summary

The League does not like to impose fines to clubs, however, as a league we do need to set rules and standards for clubs to follow. If clubs adhere to them then clubs should easily avoid such offences that contravenes the League’s rules. Please remember that any player cautions and fines are dealt with by the London FA.


1. Your team caused a late kick-off (reported by the referee)

2. Failure to provide a first aid kit at the match reported by the referee (FA rule)

3. Failure by the home side to supply regulation corner flags

4. Failure to provide an LFA number (by 9th September)

5. For not correctly registering details on player registration form


6. For not supplying a team / referee sheet or for supplying a late sheet

7. For supplying a team sheet containing the name of an unregistered / ineligible player

8. For supplying a team sheet that is incomplete e.g. no score, no referee name, missing names or signatures of either secretaries or players

9. No Registration forms received by 16th of September (team could be suspended until)

10. For not handling a team sheet in on the day of the match

11. Failure to maintain or keep clean any of the League’s trophies

12. For not adding a short report on the back of the team / referee sheet if you have given the referee a mark below fifty points

13. Failure to pay match officials before a match


14. For non-attendance or failure to sign in before 8.15pm at any arranged League meeting or AGM Part 1 or 2

15. Failure to fulfil any fixture – a defaulting club will also incur the match expenses (£104) and a further offence of this nature will result in your club being fined another sum of £30 and also the expenses. A third time will result in the defaulting club being suspended.

16. For non-payment in advance for pitch permits. Suspension will apply if not paid

17. Failure to provide three consecutive team sheets – any club consistently offending will be suspended

18. Clubs to be fined if they are challenged on match day and fail, when requested, to produce player registration forms


19. Failure to start / complete the current season’s fixtures

20. For not complying with Rule 8C (iii) under heading Qualification of Players

21. Club to be fined if they are challenged on match days and fail, when requested, to produce their player registration form counterfoils for a signature or any other details for inspection

22. Bad discipline in matches. Both clubs will be suspended until dealt with by the management committee